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The Epic Dream archetypon however is another thing entirely.

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The Electrical Machine Designed for the Application of the Special Function of Cyclic Diamagnetic / Superconducting Electrogravitation

Libero munifico cogita redactus.

Multiple Audio and Video in meta

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See 30-B Reactance Coupler                                                                Quantum Effulgence

Low level Homopolar Hyper Torque

The oldest data is towards the bottom of this page, with the newest data added at the top of the page. The designs covered in this page where meant more as an alternative source of electrical energy. The primary goal of this project is to perfect an energy flywheel system. These designs, although applicable to use as transport devices, are for ground based terrestrial operations only. The information on this page is not in any other order, but if it is here it is integral to current research. Items are included and excluded as the project moves beyond the previous scope. { progessive revelation}

This is the way of the supraliminal. You can either except it or walk away, truth is, there arent very many design programs working with these particular systems. The mathematics of that which transcends [versotrans] above our discerning perceptions is the quantum, the unexplainable.

Nikolai E. Romanski

Hompolar Hypertorque
gyroscopic directional control
Electrogravitational superdiamagnetism
Rotational Superconducting magnetic levitation for the levo rotation of the energy storage flywheel / secondary disk.
Reactance Coupler for the reciprocal generation of electron flow for energy use in device systems

In the 30-C Reactance coupling device H2O / HHO is used as the primary fuel source.

Oxyhydrogen is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases, normally assumed to be in a 2:1 atomic ratio, the same proportion as water. When ignited, this mixture combusts to water, making 142.35 kJ (34,116 gram calories) of heat for each gram of hydrogen burned: that is 286.97 kJ/mol of enthalpy.

The water in the system is fed from the holding sphere at the top via ionized / atomization mist into the klystron / magnetron excitation cavity. 918 mHz @ 25 Db nominal low freq. ignition. From the excitation cavity at the top of the reactor, the ionized plasma state of the water is perforced with the use of rotating tachometric magnets into a downward vortex flow.
When this downward flow of plasma is compressed in a vortex manner towards the reconversion of magnetic constance the electron / geon / muon particles are drawn off by MHD anode assembly and shunted to the homopolar motor and magnetic levitation systems and/or energy storage flywheel storage. Particles which are not drawn off by the MHD process come through the singularity event as low energy particles. Since the magneto.ionic structure has been stripped away, only the magneto.acoustic structure of the channeled wave and some H2O remains.

The use of the searle rotor technology as a form of magnetostrictive brushing that allows for the shunting of energy potential to or from the primary device to the secondary energy storage flywheel device by extricative and constrictive means. Allowing the magnetic levitation system to remain nominal in its frictionless levo rotation.

Superdiamagnetism (or perfect diamagnetism) is a phenomenon occurring in certain materials at low temperatures, characterised by the complete absence of magnetic permeability (i.e. a magnetic susceptibility \ \chi_{v} = -1) and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field. Superdiamagnetism is a feature of superconductivity. It was identified in 1933, by Walter Meissner and Robert Ochsenfeld (the Meissner effect).

Superdiamagnetism established that the superconductivity of a material was a stage of phase transition. Superconducting magnetic levitation is due to superdiamagnetism, which repels a permanent magnet, and flux pinning, which prevents the magnet floating away.

Photonic interconnect reconfigurably couples integrated circuits such as microprocessor, memory or other logic components. Detector, modulator, broad-band coupler and waveguide elements provide transmit and receive capability on CMOS substrate.
Triggerable remote controller
802.11a receiver responsive to the 802.11a signals for producing GPS data when enabled
Cellular network data communication system / 5 GHz, 802.11a Wireless LAN
Lidar DSP interface
Stereoscopic And Velocimetric Reconstructions

Organic Ionic compounds ( the device as it is grown via electrolysis / particularly liquid states).
Methods for hydrogen distillation onboard.
  1. Electrometallurgy is the process of reduction of metals from metallic compounds to obtain the pure form of metal using electrolysis. For example: sodium hydroxide in its metallic form is separated by electrolysis into sodium and hydrogen, both of which have important chemical uses.
  2. Anodization is an eletrolytic process that makes the surface of metals resistant to corrosion. For example, ships are saved from being corroded by oxygen in the water by this process. The process is also used to decorate surfaces.
  3. Electro-refining is used to purify metals by electrolysis. For example, if an impure copper anode is electrolysed, pure copper forms around the cathode, and the impurities near the anode.
  4. Electrolysed water has been found to be the purest form of water and is used in many dentistry and medicinal applications.
  5. A battery works by the reverse process to electrolysis. Humphry Davy found that lithium acts as an electrolyte and provides electrical energy.
  6. Production of oxygen in spacecraft. The oxygen that astronauts breathe in space is produced by electrolysis of water, which uses solar panels as a source of electrical energy.
  7. Electroplating is used in layering metals to fortify them. Electroplating is used in many industries for functional or decorative purposes, as in vehicle bodies and nickel coins.
  8. Production of hydrogen for fuel, using a cheap source of electrical energy.


         Ca2(Al, Mg, Fe)3 (SiO4)3 (OH)H2O

Concerns about Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide buildup in unventilated testing facilities. These chemicals are often mistaken for the odor of sulphur during some ufo events.

To design the device in such a way to facilitate submarine operation. The technology may perhaps have risen from the perfection of electrical propulsion in sub marine environments.

This is an initial design which is flawed for a reason
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The Fourth State of Matter

There are three classic states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas; however, plasma is considered by some scientists to be the fourth state of matter. The plasma state is not related to blood plasma, the most common usage of the word; rather, the term has been used in physics since the 1920s to represent an ionized gas. Space plasma physics became an important scientific discipline in the early 1950s with the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts. Lightning is commonly seen as a form of plasma. Matter changes state as it is exposed to different physical conditions. Ice is a solid with hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O) molecules arranged in regular patterns, but if the ice melts, the H2O enters a new state: liquid water. As the water molecules are warmed, they separate further to form steam, which is a gas. In these classic states, the positive charge of each atomic nucleus equals the total charge of all the electrons orbiting around it so that the net charge is zero. Each entire atom is electrically neutral. When more heat is applied, the steam may be ionized: an electron will gain enough energy to escape its atom. This atom is left one electron short and now has a net positive charge; now it is called an ion. In a sufficiently heated gas, ionization happens many times, creating clouds of free electrons and ions; however, not all the atoms are necessarily ionized, and some may remain completely intact with no net charge. This ionized gas mixture, consisting of ions, electrons, and neutral atoms, is called plasma. A plasma must have sufficient numbers of charged particles so that the gas, as a whole, exhibits a collective response to electric and magnetic fields. Plasma density, therefore, refers to the density of the charged particles. Although plasma includes electrons and ions and conducts electricity, it is macroscopically neutral: in measurable quantities, the number of electrons and ions are equal. The charged particles are affected by electric and magnetic fields applied to the plasma, and the motions of the particles in the plasma generate fields and electric currents from within. This complex set of interactions makes plasma a unique, fascinating, and complex state of matter.

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The-high temperature strength of quartz fiber is considerably stronger than that of the high silica fiber.
Graphite Adhesive High temperature graphite based one-part adhesive paste offering extra-high adhesive strength for bonding and sealing graphite and composite structures.
Monoatomic gold for its superconducting properties and Yitrium used for microwave filtering layers within the laminate.
A new interatomic potential for the description of various elements.
Every body has a natural resonance; a frequency at which it prefers to vibrate most freely. If excited at this frequency, the body in question vibrates at a larger amplitude than it would at some other frequency. Furthermore, it would have a tendency to continue to vibrate indefinitely were it not for a property of the material called damping. Thus, excitation energy must be continuously applied to keep the body in vibration.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
Some Definitions of Bioelectromagnetic Sheilding and Relevant Considerations
Non-Ionizing Radiation
Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation
Sub-Radiofrequency Fields
Radiofrequency, Microwave, and Infrared Radiation
Laser Radiation
Near Ultraviolet Radiation
Ionizing Radiation
Introduction and Definitions
Maximum Doses
Generation of Far-UV and X-Ray Radiation
Shielding of X-Ray Radiation
Vacuum and Chamber Safety
Implosion / Explosion Hazards
Pylon Vertical variance
Chamber Entry and Confined Space Hazards
Compressed Gas Containers
Chemical Safety
Classification of Chemicals and Sources of Information
Solvents and Other Liquids
Proper Venting of Gases and Fumes
Cryogenics and system cooling

The use of Magnetic Induction Plasma

In Tokamak reactors the inductive current drive is inherently pulsed and therefore incompatible with the steady operation of a power plant. However, with the design of Plasma Reactors similar to the 30 A Series the Magnetic induction of the plasma is essential in order to derive the resonant harmonic cycle of the device operation. To order the magnetic induction of microwave frequency plasmas at resonance to All device parameters.

Transmigrations / Astral Event

Transmigratus, past participle of transmigrare to migrate to another place, from trans- + migrare to migrate transitive verb : to cause to go from one state of existence or place to another intransitive verb 1 of the soul : to pass at death from one body or being to another. Sanskrit; Laghima Pranayama / Levitation of the spirit.
Axis Mundi / and or / Vimana Laghima

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egrd 78241  Speculation about the use of mercury in the vimana designs may have an etiology in corona / ionization stabilization in a vacuum. Supraliminal properties of highly ionized mercury in hermetic / space vacuum.

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Harmonic Blazars?

Channeled Wave Pattern © 2006 Nikola Romanski

The surrounding atmosphere is the dielectric to be stressed. Coronal plasma is derived from the milieu vector.

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This is a layout for the symetry of the circuitry, it is not the intended course of the true form.

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The potential of Piezokinetics

Another consideration in the manufacture of composite secondary discs, is the introduction of gold or platinum /any nominal superconducting filament wrapped in quartz fiber that is embedded radially throughout the disc. The purpose of this being to more readily energize the circuit without means of external charging. Refers to unpublished 28-B designs and explications on the balancing of circuit harmonics/ resonance while shunting voltage into or from flywheel storage milieu.
Verily multifacetous, investigations on bioelectromagnetic sheilding are advised to gaurd against electric shock and paralysis. Other investigations include the generation of plasmas at microwave frequencies and the special properties of magnetohydrodynamic induction within the compression of reconversion / singularity and harmonic wave resonating.

Inversion of the Tokamak design made possible by the special relativity of the singularity reconversion function.

    Schwarzchild reconversion

When viewing the design of the 30-A Reactance coupler, it is important to know that the system is under intense magnetic repulsion stresses. To not observe proper caution when servicing the reactor could potentially cause it to discharge explosively, if either the upper or lower pylons are removed or maladjusted physically before de-energizing the system. Even in a discharged state, the force of the repelling magnets of the compression system are packed with significant opposing torque. The integrity of the device is dependant on this design implication. This lack of common sense has caused the deaths of other individuals on other projects in the past and serves as a cautionary redundancy that is important to future projects.

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© 2005 Nikola Romanski

Special Relativity of Emanations Surrounding the focal moment of reconversion in gravitational singularity.
Special Relativity
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A new direction for Plasma Reactors

By using the Kerr rotational equations of Singularity to configure the magnetic field compression ( Schwarzchild, Tipler [Blazars, natural explosive deviation] on the special properties of harmonic wave reconversions and specific resonance) of the Plasma compression in the reactance coupling device, Reciprocal Feedback can be achieved with the correct tuning of resonance / harmonics. This is especially useful in the utilization of the heavy electron (geon) populations in the magnetohydrodynamic induction process. Another note on the kerr singularitity ( rotational / gravitational ) is that matter (mass) is a byproduct of the energy function of the realtime moment of singularity that occurs significantly outside the primary event horizon. { This implies multiple singularities in the timespace metric, each having their own relativity within or without. And it is important to note that in the process of a singularity moving through spacetime over billions of millenia matter (mass) is continuously formed from the stagnating energy. It also collects matter (mass) that has been produced by other singularity events that may have long ago died or were consumed into our relativity.}
(worldline convergence)

SI multiples

Multiple Name Symbol Multiple Name Symbol
100 second S      
101 decasecond daS 101 decisecond dS
102 hectosecond hS 102 centisecond cs
103 kilosecond ks 103 millisecond ms
106 megasecond Ms 106 microsecond s
109 gigasecond Gs 109 nanosecond ns
1012 terasecond Ts 1012 picosecond ps
1015 petasecond Ps 1015 femtosecond fs
1018 exasecond Es 1018 attosecond as
1021 zettasecond Zs 1021 zeptosecond zs
1024 yottasecond Ys 1024 yoctosecond ys


(This definition follows U.S. usage in which a billion is a thousand million and a trillion is a 1 followed by 12 zeros.) An attosecond is one quintillionth (10-18) of a second and is a term used in photon research. For comparison, a millisecond (ms or msec) is one thousandth of a second and is commonly used in measuring the time to read to or write from a hard disk or a CD-ROM player or to measure packet travel time on the Internet. A microsecond (us or Greek letter mu plus s) is one millionth (10-6) of a second. A nanosecond (ns or nsec) is one billionth (10-9) of a second and is a common measurement of read or write access time to random access memory (RAM). A picosecond is one trillionth (10-12) of a second, or one millionth of a microsecond. A femtosecond is one millionth of a nanosecond or 10-15 of a second and is a measurement sometimes used in laser velocimeter technologies.


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The Electrical Machine Designed for the Application of the Special Function of Cyclic Diamagnetic Electrogravitation / Mod ©2003 Nikola Romanski
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Microwave plasmas go beyond tokamak.

Its been studied for how long? When will it be applied to what. Let this research be applied to something specific. In this instance, the use of microwave frequency plasmas as a method of magnetohydrodynamic induction. a version of the reactor design but turned inside out. I call it electrogravitation because it is not anti gravity, it works with the forces of nature and is more at pro-gravitation (harmonic coupling). The light emitting from these devices while in operation is a result of the coronal discharge that has its etiology in dielectric / diamagnetic breakdown. the sound generated by the device is a whisper unless your acoustic acuity lays in the 5khz range. It has an ultrasonic effect at range which makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. This effect escalates from mild tingling static voltage to full on voltage induction with paralysis and potential death [instances of forced obe are not uncommon].

Other design potentials

Current research is focusing on the potential of this system as an alternative energy source.

Aerogel Technical

Guinness World Records approved the new aerogel's application for the least dense solid in March. Astronomer David Hawksett, Guinness World Records' science and technology judge, decided that Jones' aerogel beat out the previous record holder, an aerogel that weighed 5 milligrams per cubic centimeter (.00018 pounds per cubic inch.) Aerogel is pure silicon dioxide and sand, just as is glass, but aerogel is a thousand times less dense than glass because it is 99.8 percent air. It is prepared like gelatin by mixing a liquid silicon compound and a fast-evaporating liquid solvent, forming a gel that is then dried in an instrument similar to a pressure cooker. The mixture thickens, and then careful heating and depressurizing produce a glassy sponge of silicon. What remains is sometimes called "solid smoke," for its cloudy translucent color and super-light weight. Surprisingly, this seemingly brittle substance is durable and easily survives launch and space environments. "It's probably not possible to make aerogel any lighter than this because then it wouldn't gel," Jones said. "The molecules of silicon wouldn't connect. And it's not possible to make it lighter than the density of air, 1.2 milligrams per cubic centimeter (.00004 pounds per cubic inch), because aerogel is filled with air." To change the density, Jones simply changes the amount of silicon in the initial mixture. At least as light as nitrogen if not lighter.

Superconducting Material Specifications

The major applications of high-temperature superconductors have mostly been confined to products in the form of wires and thin films. However, recent developments show that rare-earth REBa2Cu3O7-x and light rare-earth LREBa2Cu3O7-x superconductors prepared by melt processes have a high critical-current density at 77 K and high magnetic fields. These superconductors will promote the application of bulk high-temperature superconductors in high magnetic fields; the superconducting bulk magnet for the Magnetic Levitation in Electrogravitational Inductor Systems is one possible application.

Lumen occultus supra


Layers of Diamagnetic, Superconducting and Aerogel / Cellulytic materials which have been bonded together by the use of heat, pressure and, possibly, adhesive.


Thickness: 10%
Size (linear dimension): less than 100mm 1mm
greater than100mm +2% / -1%

Adytum levitatus


The engineering of the Electrogravitational DRIVE will no doubt be the challenge of the 21st century. Progress is being made to understand the exotic physics behind the DRIVE with all the disciplines necessary to design and engineer such a device. A good rule of thumb is to stand clear of approach vectors, electrical shock and paralysis may occur. OBE/Astral projection in proximity to device= not a good idea. Transmigratus, past participle of transmigrare to migrate to another place, from trans- + migrare to migrate transitive verb : to cause to go from one state of existence or place to another intransitive verb 1 of the soul : to pass at death from one body or being to another

27 B project 1996

Relativities of the deviation from the realtime moment of singularity

As perceived by our civilizations understanding of standard moments of/ in time.

Time Scales

The concept of time has been refined throughout history, and new understanding usually produces a new time scale.

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